Selection. Solutions. Simplicity. These three words summarize how EiKO is quickly becoming the light bulb supplier of choice for thousands of distributors across the country. Whether it's our extensive product line, our flexible business solutions or our can-do culture, let us show you how we can brighten your bottom line.

EiKO began selling miniature lamps in 1986 as a division of WiKO Ltd., Headquartered in Chicago. In December of 1995, EiKO became a separate company and is now based in Kansas. In 1999, EiKO bought Wiko and the headquarters is located in Shawnee, KS. Because of its aggressive business strategy, EiKO and its customers alike are experiencing phenomenal growth. EiKO is now recognized in the industry as an innovative, quality company.

EiKO's primary business is providing lamps, lighting products and school/office supply products to distribution and retailers for resale to the general public. They specialize in high technology lighting in the Audio Video, Photographic, Automotive, Medical, Dental, Electronic, Industrial and Electrical Industries.

EiKO is famous for their specialty lamps, including an incredible variety of photo / projector / stage-studio bulbs and miniature application (auto bulbs, indicator lights) bulbs. They have also had success in their fluorescent line, with a variety of color temperatures and dimensions in smaller linear fluorescents, including their black light blue model. They have also released a number of halogen and high intensity discharge light bulbs into the lighting market.

Product lines include High Intensity Discharge lamps, Linear Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, Self Ballasted Compact Fluorescent, Miniature, Automotive, General Halogen, Specialty Halogen and Incandescent lamps. Also offered are Laminating Supplies, CleanStar Brand cleaning cloths, and Projector Accessories.

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